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If you have water damage we will bring in air movers to help dry up the situation and before mold creeps in. Sometimes with water damage, the carpets can’t be saved and they have to be ripped up to dry the flooring underneath.

Something important to know

Sewage Leaks or Backups into your home can be very hazardous and dangerous. Below are some important information you should know

• Health Hazards
Water contaminated with sewage usually contains a variety of bacteria, viruses, and germs that are harmful to your health

• Fire Hazards

If the water level has reached any plugs, electrical outlets, extension cords, or gas-burning equipment, do not touch anything! Get out of the building immediately and call the professionals as the risk of a fire is enormous.

• Property Damage
If your property remains under sewage water for long, the damage will be considerable. Flooring and insulation materials that have been soaked up can no longer be used, as well as mattresses, furniture, leather products, stuffed toys, and paper products (including books and documents).